I am Rev. Anglea Hewett-Abt, B.A, and am a Registered Lily Dale Medium, a 2002 graduate of Fellowships of the Spirit’s School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy, and a teacher of mediation and spiritual development for over 20 years, an ordained minister, a spiritual counselor and have been a practicing medium for over 35 years. In 2005 I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services with a concentration in Counseling and Psychology. I also practice hypnotherapy and past life regression and am owner of the successful Santosha Holistic Center, located in Williamsville where I offer both in person and online classes in intuitive development and meditation.

I have been involved in the discovery of spiritualism and the evolution of my gift as a spiritual counselor and medium since the early 1980’s. I discovered my natural talent as a medium quite by accident. I would receive spontaneous answers immediately and clearly when my friends asked for advice or what I thought might happen. When I started to close my eyes and concentrate, more information would come very easily. At first, having this ability was a little frightening as there was no explanation in our culture beyond the accepted five senses to explain what I was seeing and feeling. There was no definition readily available to give understanding of this gift.

The search for answers took me to Lily Dale in Western New York. Lily Dale is the oldest Spiritual Community in the US, and it is where I met Elaine Thomas and her husband Mark. Elaine is a registered Spiritual Counselor and medium, and she and her husband Mark are founders of Fellowships of the Spirit, a church and school that teaches healing and prophecy. I began studying at Fellowships of the Spirit and receiving teachings from Elaine, Mark and some of the best mediums and healers in the world. In 2002 I graduated from The Fellowships School of Healing and Prophecy and became an ordained minister.

Through the years I have also studied Chi Gong with Master Robert Peng, Hypnotherapy and past life regression with Dick Sutphen, and Energy Healing and Reiki with Don Scott and Chris Slaughter. I has also studied mediumship with Sharon Klingler, Greg Kehn, Shirley Smith, and Jessi First.

I practice Spiritual Counseling and Mediumship and Psychic Readings in the Western New York area. I have also practiced in Tampa, Florida and Houston, Texas. I started practicing Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression in 2010. To me, this is another way to guide people in removing any blocks that may be holding them back from achieving living their highest and best life. I also practice Energy Healing and Reiki.

I also teach meditation and spiritual development classes and workshops and have been since the early 90’s.  I really enjoy helping others develop their own intuitive abilities and teaching them the benefits they can get from meditating. I am also a hospice volunteer and often visit the Hospice in WNY to do meditation and relaxation with terminal patients and their families.

I have worked in the Customer Service Field most of my life and have always had the desire to help others any way that I could.   In the metaphysical field I am able to help others find their own true calling and path in life and am often able to help people find peace when a loved one has crossed over to the other side of life

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services with a concentration in Counseling in the spring of 2010.